Electric Water Heaters

If you need an electric water heater repaired or replaced, look no further than Wolff Water Heaters!

In reality, most people don't think about their hot water tank until they're stranded in a cold shower or have a puddle on the garage floor. In these situations, you have two options -  repair it or replace it. Wolff Water Heaters can help you decide whether your model can be repaired or if it is time for replacement.

Electric Water Heater Basics

Electric tank water heaters are simple devices. They come in 10 to 50 gal tanks and are the most efficient as far as energy usage. The heating element is totally submerged in water making the energy transfer to the water more efficient than gas. They have an insulated tank that fills with water, an electric heating element and a thermostat that maintains a temperature of 120 to 140 degrees.

That means if something goes wrong, it’s typically one of five things:

  • The electrical breaker tripped and the water heater is not getting electricity.
  • The heating element is faulty and not heating the water.
  • The thermostat isn’t regulating the temperature.
  • The valve’s sticking, either trapping water inside or not stopping the flow.
  • The tank has rusted and is leaking (you will see water all over your floor).

Depending on what’s wrong and the age of your hot water heater, you can determine if you want to repair or replace it. Since most electric heaters need to be replaced every 10 to 13 years, we recommend replacing it when this timeframe is met or exceeded. With years of sediments and minerals, corrosion occurs inside the tank and can lead to rusting and leaks. Once this occurs, it can’t be fixed and must be replaced.

The Cost of Electric Water Heater Replacement

When looking to replace your hot water heater, you’ll likely want to stick with the same setup you have. With the heating element is submerged directly into the water, it’s the most efficient tank style water heater with a greater heat and energy transfer.

Depending on the size of the tank, a new tank and installation typically range from $500 to $1,500. If certain upgrades are needed due to code changes, such as a new tank heating mount or water pipes replacements, additional fees may occur.

Reap the Benefits

Replacing your electric water heater has many benefits. New electric heaters are typically 20% more efficient than the ones they replace, have better insulation and better heat retention. Some even have glass liners, slowing the processes of corrosion and making the tank last longer.

To keep your new tank running as long as possible, completely flush it once a year to remove sediment and reduce corrosion. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy your hot showers.

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