Gas Water Heaters

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Gas water heaters are some of the most economical heaters on the market. Electricity costs are higher than gas and even some of the least efficient gas water heaters can cost ~$1,000 less a year to run than an electric water heater. A gas heater can also heat 50 gallons in one hour, where an electric can only recover about 15 gallons per hour. If your home has a gas line and you have a larger family, a gas water heater would be a more functional choice.

Three of the most popular units come in 30, 40 or 50 gallon tank capacities with 3 different vent styles:

  • Atmospheric vent 
  • Direct vent 
  • Power vent 

The atmospheric vent heater

The atmospheric vent heater has a burner at the bottom of the tank. It gets its combustion air from vents at the bottom of the heater near the burner. Heat from the burner flame then naturally vents though the flue, like a wood burning fireplace.

The direct vent water heater

The direct vent water heater is for spaces that do not have enough cubic feet of air to supply the burner with combustion air. 50 cubic feet of space is required for every 1,000 BTUs (British thermal units). One BTU equals about one match head. The average 50gal gas water heater is rated at 40,000 BTUs. This style can be used in homes where it is impractical to run an atmospheric vent all the way to the roof.

Direct vent water heaters can be put in a garage without being placed on an 18" stand, because direct vent receives its combustion air from the outside of the building. The purpose of the 18" stand is to prevent heavy gasoline fumes, which spread out on the bottom of the floor, from igniting.

Power vent water heater

This heater has an electric fan on top of the unit that evacuates the exhaust through a PVC pipe, leading outside of the home/building. The fan usually needs a 120v power source. This is the most expensive of the three types, while the atmospheric vent is the least expensive.


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